Monday, August 5, 2013

TEXT PLAY: Lufia and the Fortress of Doom (Taito, SNES 1993): Issue #22: Sly Cooper

No ringtails here, folks, and I'm glad of that!

Just a lot of travel. The Professor's people confirmed that Cooper was in the port city of Bakku, which was pretty much due west, just like they said. The only hitch is to follow the south coast of the continent we come to.

There's a few things that happen here, of course. We learn about the town of Linze and the Tower of Light we'll need to get beyond it. And we learn about a young lady who's boyfriend is stuck in Lorbinia. I suspect we'll be going back there eventually, for one reason or another. Unfortunately, we also learn that Cooper has skipped town and gone running off to the Old Cave in Grenoble. I guess that makes him more like Locke Cole than Sly Cooper. Either way, we have to go chasing after him.

At first, I was hoping I could sail to Grenoble from Bakku, but no such luck. By the time I'd figured out that I wasn't going to be able to pull it off, I'd used up enough of Jerin's MP that I couldn't use the Warp spell. Fortunately, though, I did have something to remedy that in my item list. Once that was taken care of, it's off to Grenoble. At least the Inn there is only 40 gold.

Truth is, I was rather hoping I'd get to do a quest or two in the Old Cave while I was looking for Cooper. It's probably my favorite side part of the game. No such luck, though. In this case, paying the 50 gold to get into the Spring Basement so we can talk to the guy who gives us that stuff only gets us access to the fifth level of the cave, where Cooper is. There's some decent stuff to be had along the way, but no special items.

Once we find Cooper and talk to him, he'll try to use an Escape to get us out, but it won't work because it's wet or something. Jerin's magic is what gets us back out. And since we're being all cheap-ass about this, I use the warp spell again to get us back to Carbis again. Of course, I think it goes without saying that trying to sail back would not have gone well, given my previous attempts at such things.

Back in Shaia's lab, the two catch up on old times for a bit, and Cooper tells the scientist that he saw how their biggest invention was broken. They explain to us that they'll need something called Alumina to fix it, and that seven pieces of it should be enough. The good news is that they know where to get it. The bad news is that it's up to us to fight our way through about five more dungeons to get it. At least they tell us where to go: a place called the Fargo Islands. I was not aware that there were so many islands in North Dakota's biggest city.

But since this is a good place to stop, we'll do just that and at least start looking for Pee-Wee Herman's aluminum foil collection next time, in issue #23. Who knows, maybe we'll even find the Biggest Ball Of Twine In Minnesota while we're at it.

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