Thursday, February 9, 2012

Birthday Month Again

Has it been a year already?

So here we are, February 9th.  Over the next month or so, all but two of the birthdays I know I'll celebrate happen.  And at this point, it's almost literally one month, too.  My mom's birthday is on the 8th of next month, but before then my dad and my brother also have their birthdays.  And as I noted last year, my grandfather's birthday would have been this month, too.

But after my mom's the only two left that I'm fairly sure I'll celebrate are my own and my grandmother's, and those aren't until August.

Now, how we'll be doing it this year, I'm not exactly sure because my folks have other plans for the next couple weeks, at least.  We'll just see where all this goes.

In other news, I'm nearing the end of my Text Play of Final Fantasy 4.  There's two more issues of gameplay to do plus an epilog that I've already got a little prep work done on.  And as I said on my uStream channel a few weeks ago, the next game I'll be doing one of these player's logs for will be Legend of Mana.  I've got the prologue for that one partly prepped too.

When will all this be ready to go?  Well, I'm hoping to have the Final Fantasy stuff done in the next two weeks or so.  After that, I think I'll take a break from doing any planned gaming-related material here.  How long that break might be, I can't exactly say just yet.  As I said before, we'll see when we get there.

And that's about it for general, non-specific updates for now.  As always, more to come, so I'll see you then, folks!  Have a good month!

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