Friday, February 24, 2012

A Plan In The Works

OK, so maybe I need to rethink what the first of my decade-plus old files will be posted first.

I had a plan for this when I sat down and opened my Blogger account a half hour before I started writing this post instead.  It kinda looks like that plan's gonna have to change, perhaps drastically, now.

See, what I was going to do is post something I wrote for a Sonic the Hedgehog fan site that came and apparently went ten years ago.  So, I wrote up a little five-paragraph explanation of what it was all about and how it came to be.  Then I put in the page break that I normally put in after the first line of every other entry I make here.

Below that break was to be an episode review of one of the cartoon shows available at the time that I'd written for a Sonic fan site celebrating the character's "tenth birthday".  Now, going into that, I knew there was a high potential for there to be formatting and page layout issues to deal with.  These things are, after all, a good ten years old, anyway, and written using different software than is standard now, on technology that was obsolete even then  I didn't think much of it until I copy-pasted the review into Blogger's editing frame and got a scroll bar across the bottom.  The preview confirmed for me what I should have known from looking at the text file in Notepad: I'm more than likely gonna have to do some serious page layout work on these things if I want to post them here.  That's not going to happen tonight, I know that.  One of the things I took from my time as a journalism student in college is that I'm not what one might call fond of doing page layout, especially when I'm tired.

Since there are a handful of options to work with here, I'm gonna sit on that idea for a few more days, until I have a little time to figure out just what I'm gonna do here.  There are other things that are better laid out that I could post, but I'm not sure that I want to just drop something that big on my blog all at once, nor do I particularly want to break those things up.

I could try doing the editing in Notepad, but I'm not sure how well that would work.  Truth is, I'm actually kind of surprised that a legacy piece of software like Notepad is still included with Windows.  Not gonna complain, though.  I like it as a feature.

I could edit it here, which is a doable thing.  But that also raises the issue of something else I keep forgetting about: my LiveJournal account. I'll admit, I'm not as familiar with Blogger as I should be, for what I'm hoping to do with all of this, but I'm less familiar with LJ, and on top of that, I'm not sure I'd want to go through the work more than once anyway.

Another option that occurs is to just activate Works on my computer, since apparently that's all I really need to do to get it to work here.  I'm just not sure how eager I am to do that.

So, anyway, I've got options.  I just need to figure out which ones I'm going to take, and in which order.  Hopefully, I'll have it straightened out before too long.

Until then, folks, see you soon with something, that much I can guarantee.

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