Friday, February 10, 2012

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy 4 (SNES, 1991): Issue #23: Moonraker II

Well, back at it, I guess.

One of the worst parts of having been through this game as many times as I have is that I know so well where I'm going and how to get there that I can do it without even really thinking about it. That's why I forgot about this save point being here. I think this is just before where we get Cecil's last sword, but I could very well be wrong about that. Let's find out, shall we?

Turns out my memory was correct on this. It was indeed the Crystal Sword. The demon guarding it was the Wyrven, a variant of Bahamut, who we fought earlier for his summon spell. The Wyrven even has a MegaNuke attack that he can use either on individuals or the whole party as a counter. It's not an easy fight, but none at this part of the game are. Compared to some others to come, though, this one's not so bad. Much as I like using magic, in general, a good strategy here is to just pound on him until he dies.

Along the way to the save point I thought I was going to last time, there's a chest with three Karys and a Warlock that has a Heroine Robe in it for either Rydia or Rosa. I don't think it matters much who gets it, as there's another one along the way, if memory serves. Don't quote me on that, though. I've been wrong before.

After all that's taken care of, we get to the last level that's got what we could call the “Lunar Surface” texture to it. There's a series of three doors here. The first is a room with a save point in it. This is where I thought I was going before, but then I found the one before the Crystal Sword and stopped there instead.

More to the point though, we'll be using this one a few times in quick succession. The next door over has the White Lance, or perhaps more correctly, the Holy Lance for Kain. This is one of the trickiest fights in the whole game. The demon guarding this one is a floating eye monster called Plague. It'll do it's one attack first by casting Count on everybody at once. What Count does is kill its victims after a ten-second countdown. To beat this thing down and get the lance, we've gotta hit it hard and hit it fast. It's doable, but it's close. Just to be safe, it's a good idea to go back and save after this fight. I rely enough on luck as is in this game.

In the far right door, there's two treasure chests guarded by a pair of Lunar Dragons, both of which are skeletons. Since these are undead monsters, they're by far the easiest of the monsters I've fought this issue. Cecil's Crystal Sword does massive damage, as do the fire and White spells the others have access to in one way shape or form. Take the dragons out and take the chests, which have ribbons in them. I know, it sounds silly, but they're the strongest helmets for Rosa and Rydia.

And with that all set up, I'll be using this save point one last time to heal up with a Cabin and save before the final segment of this TP. I'll say right now that I'll be stopping just shy of the final battle itself because by then, I'll have done a fair amount of slogging as is, and will have a few last new weapons to talk about. But that's for next issue.

Cecil and team will return in Issue #24: Diamonds Are Forever!

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