Saturday, February 11, 2012

o/~ It's Cold Outside/A Snow Kind of Atmosphere... o/~

I'm not particularly fond of the cold, but at least it'll give me a chance to do a few things I've wanted to for awhile...

So we had our firs really and truly cold night in a while last night.  Got down to about -5.  Fortunately, I had use of my parents' garage, because I'm not entirely sure how well my vehicle will start in that kind of weather, and I'm not in any rush to find out, so keeping it a little warmer overnight was a good thing.

Another good thing is that the low temperatures will put a little more ice on the lakes, which will help with ice fishing, since I do kind of enjoy that..  So there's another positive.

But one other thing I've been waiting for some really cold weather for is the alpaca wool gloves I bought from some folks I know on the web.  Shortly after they arrived, a mutual contact asked me to do a video review on my uStream channel.  I told them I would once it got cold again, since we've been having an abnormally mild winter this year.  Now that it finally has, I may as well make good on that.

So, as of right now, the plan is that I'll be doing a recorded broadcast at 10 PM US Central time tonight about those gloves.  By then, I'll have had a chance to use them sufficiently to speak about them effectively.

I guess I'll see you then, folks.

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