Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Doug Winger Has Left The Building

I just knew the name, folks...

But then again, considering some of the things I'm a fan of, it would have been hard not to at least know that, considering how long I've been into the sort of stuff I'm into.

I never really followed Mr. Winger's work when he was most active. Oftentimes, it was because his style involved at least taking the exaggerations I liked a little farther than I cared for, which was hard to do, in general. But the man did do good work, there was no denying that, and far as I know, he enjoyed doing it.

Earlier today, I heard he had passed from COPD. It was news to me that he was even ill, let alone enough for this to come so soon. This, I'm sure, is in part because I didn't follow Mr. Winger or his work especially closely. Even if I had, though, I suspect I wouldn't have been aware until the juncture at which I fount out. This is the sort of thing, after all, that I can understand being kept quiet in terms of general knowledge, for reasons I'm sure quite a lot of folks like me are demonstrating right now.

But the point remains that Doug Winger was an influential person in the modern art world, especially in the furry community, and his passing is a tremendous loss. He will be missed.

Thank you, Doug Winger, for all you've done. It's much appreicated.

(Attribution here)

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