Thursday, June 11, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VIII (SquareSoft, 1999; Playstation): Issue #033: Tomorrowland

Went to Disney's Florida park when I was a kid, probably won't make it to the movie...

Least I have Eshtar in this game to kinda-sorta make up for that. Turns out Eshtar is pretty much the city of the future in this game. Everything we've gotten to see of it thus far is really high-tech. After running around the salt flats for awhile, nearly getting killed by a Vysage and the Lefty and Righty with it, the party runs into a giant undead monster called Abadon. Squall makes a point of saying that it's an undead monster and that we need to use recovery magic and items on it. I guess it kind of makes sense that we'd need that reminder. It's been awhile since we've seen a real undead monster, now that I think about it, and it seems that the fire spells I tried on it didn't work quite as well as I'd expected.

Turns out this area wasn't as long as I was hoping it would be, as not long after beating Abadon, the party comes across a wall being disguised by a malfunctioning hologram. As the party discusses what's going on, a door opens up in the glitchy air above them. Even though nobody understands what's going on, Squall says they need to go ahead anyway because they've got no other leads.

Most of what follows is a cutscene showing off how cool this place is. Sure, there's some buttons to push here and there, but it's mostly a cutscene of getting into the city. And yeah, it's a high-tech city. Of course, soon as we enter the city proper, Squall and Quistis conk out, much to the surprise of Edea, and we cut to another Laguna scene.

It seems that Laguna and Kiros, who have reunited with Ward at some point, have tracked Ellone to Eshtar, where they wound up working as slave labor in Dr. Odine's lab. Odine and his people are working on something called Lunatic Pandora, though Odine himself seems more interested in figuring out the Sorceress and is currently investigating Ellone, who he has someplace.

The people of Eshtar are crazier than normal, not letting the slave laborers eat or sleep enough because of all the things they're working on. As a result, there's a resistance movement going on, the Anti-Adel Resistance. Keeping it simple, I guess. Laguna agrees to be their leader because he's the only halfway competent person there in that regard. Plus, I suppose it helps that he, Kiros and Ward are the only ones in the resistance camp who aren't terribly exhausted and undernourished at that point. Well, aside from Odine's assistant, who's an informant for the resistance. The guy who was working with Laguna and a Moomba talks the party into going back in, because it's in everybody's best interests if they do. And since there's a save point handy, I think I'll make use if it and call this a night for now. I suspect there's Some Jerk With A Camera in there, but finding out will be for the next issue or two. See you then, folks!

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