Monday, June 15, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VI (Super Nintendo, Square, 1994): Issue #053: Kefka's Tower Part Three: Lost In Kefka's Tower

So lost, in fact, that I can't even keep the issue numbers straight!

I know I'm closing in on the end of this game, but it's been so long since I've actually done it, I couldn't quite remember how to get where I need to be to actually pull it off. I did get my memory refreshed a bit, like I said in the Final Fantasy Tonight article I wrote Thursday night or Friday morning, from a previous attempt that evening. There's a blinking chest that I needed to get to that hadn't been there before that's a switch after all three parties have hit some switches. How to get there took a look at the Caves of Narshe walkthrough.

Even after that, I wound up making things harder than they probably were. Once I got to the proper part of the walkthrough, remembering how to get where I needed to be was no big deal. The problem was that once I got there, there were some of those four-ton weights that needed to be pushed onto the switches the other two parties were standing on. The first thing to do was to get the parties off the switches. The thing I was forgetting is that I needed to hit the talk button to actually get the weights to drop down.

Once that's taken care of, it will allow the other two parties up onto the central passageway, one at a time. The party that initially gets on the central passage allows the first of the other two parties up, the second party does the same for the third, which can then proceed forward to the next section.

The first thing that happens there is a boss fight with a mech called the Guardian. I think we could have run into this thing back in the Imperial Castle all the way back in the first half of the game. Back then, we didn't stand a chance against it. Now, though, it's not so much a problem, as our levels are higher and at least one of the party members has the Bolt 3 spell. The more the merrier in that regard, of course, but I only had one, which was sufficient.

Beyond the Guardian is the save point I was looking for, which is a good place to stop for now. Further down the passageway that opens up are the three goddesses that were made into the statues on the Floating Island at the midway point. Far as I remember, there are no save points from here on, and it's quite a long way until the end of the game, all things considered. Kind of like the trip to the center of the moon in Final Fantasy 4. So, better to wait until I'm fresher in the head to get on with that.

Until then, my friends, stay safe, have fun, keep gaming, and DFTBA.

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