Monday, June 1, 2015

TEXT PLAY: Final Fantasy VIII (SquareSoft, 1999; Playstation): Issue #032: OK, I Think I'm Back Now...

Before I get on with the game, I'd better briefly explain where I've been lately.

So, a couple weeks ago, I wrote this blog post about how I was going to take a bit of a break from doing these Text Plays for a little while and play a few of the other games in my collection while I tried to get my head around a few things. Gotta say, it didn't quite worked out the way I'd hoped. It wasn't a complete waste, but I certainly didn't get everything I wanted to done. The details are for their own, non-game-related post that I'll be getting to in a bit. So, on with the game.

One thing I was trying to remind myself of was that video games are for fun first, and I think I did that. For the longest time, before I officially went on hiatus, I was horribly, horribly lost as to where I was supposed to go with regards to this part of the game. Part of what was getting me lost is that I'm the kind of the guy who likes to be in control of the action when I'm playing a video game, and I was forgetting that this is one of those games that has a bad way of not letting me actually play half the time when something plot-related is going on. That's why I said I thought it was going to be a trick to actually get into Eshtar at the end of the last post.

As a result of that, I spent a good couple hours just running the hell around, trying to figure out how to actually get into Eshtar. Turns out all I needed to do was go look in on Rinoa again. Squall picks her up, saying that they're going to go see Ellone in hopes of figuring this shit out. As he carries Rinoa, who's still unconscious, along Fisherman's Horizon, Squall tells her that he knows he comes across as an asshole, but that's because he's secretly really really scared of dealing with other people, and until recently, he thought it was easier if he just made it so he didn't have to any more than necessary. I know the feeling, but have never felt particularly compelled to consciously be a douche about it.

After telling Rinoa that what he just said is strictly between them, assuming that she even heard any of it, they head on towards the train station on the eastern terminal of FH, and run into Quistis and Zell, who immediately start giving Squall crap about how he's carrying Rinoa around. For once, I found myself doing a fair bit of sympathizing with Squall here, because I'm sure the snark I had for them would have been pretty similar to his if he were more talkative here. I can just hear him telling the others to go fuck themselves for this.

At least they do tell Squall that Edea has decided to join them for this part of the story, as she has business in Eshtar. Now she wants to find some guy called Doctor Odine. Turns out that this Odine guy is the one who invented the Odine Bangle thing that Rinoa wanted to try using on Edea back on Disk One. According to what they say here, there's half a chance that it might have worked if Rinoa had managed to get it on her.

Edea wants to come along to see Odine in hopes that he can cure her of being the Sorceress. She can be in the party while we go looking for Eshtar City, so I'm gonna take her along, just to have somebody else in the party besides the main party members or Laguna and Crew.

With the reveal that Edea's joining us for a bit out of the way, Irvine and Selphie show back up to explain that they checked north and south and couldn't find anything, so it's time to go east and see what's there. Of course, Selphie has to start giving Squall a little shit about Rinoa, too, asking if she's still sleeping. Had I been in Squall's place, I might have told her that no, I'm just giving her a piggyback ride just for shits and giggles, what the hell does she think? At least Irvine is being halfway decent about it, saying that maybe we should just get on with the mission.

But as I was too dumb to actually look in the strategy guide I've been talking about thus far and had spent most of the session just running around instead, I'm gonna wrap up here and get on with going east across the salt flats I came to here next time. I just hope I didn't screw up too badly here.

One thing I suppose I could have done, and was considering for a bit, was go after the Odin and Tonnberry King Guardian Forces. I ultimately decided against it because I was starting at 10:30 at night, as I've usually been dumb enough to do of late, and really didn't want to worry about that. I hadn't intended to do as much as I did with the finding Eshtar thing, either, but I kind of bumbled into that by thinking I should go into the infirmary before saving.

Anyway, I'll be back with this, and FF6, soon. I've been at this for an hour now, more or less, as timed by the group LP of this game that the fine folks over at CLG have started recently. Finished the first episode of that, and should really finish this up and go to bed.

Until next time, stay safe, keep gaming, have fun, and DFTBA!

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