Saturday, June 6, 2015

Unproductive Insomnia

So, here I am, up way too late, feeling like I've wasted my evening and night.

Part of me knows that's not really the case, of course. I wound up working late, which may wind up doing me some good in the end. I also needed to get some new work pants and wash my uniforms, both of which got done. I even managed to spend a couple hours with my folks tonight, watching a movie called Woman on the Run, a noir film, I think, from the 1950s, starring Ann Sheridan. It was pretty good.

But since I've got home, I've had this feeling that I should still have done more with my time than I wound up doing. Maybe it's all the caffeine I've been drinking lately, but I've been staying up way later than I want and feeling like I've not gotten anything done with the time. Really gotta change that, as I'm sure it's not doing my health any good.

I'd like to go on more about this, but it's already twenty after two in the morning as I write this, and I'm out of ways to ramble for now. So, I think I'll just wrap this up and set a posting delay so I can share this after I've got some sleep.

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