Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cross-Posting Between Blogs: Just Wondering...

I'm a terribly curious (and possibly just terrible) person, and sometimes I just have to ask questions.

I'm also the sort who's going to cross-post this to my other blog so I can get some hits there, too.

Anyway, for awhile now, I've been using AdSense in hopes to maybe get a little money out of doing this. The stats tab that Google gives me says I'm getting hits, but AdSense says I'm not getting any clickthroughs. This makes me wonder just what kind of ads people are getting when these things load. I'm curious and wouldn't mind being told.

Are they completely irrelevant to what you see here? Is it not interesting? Or is it as I heard from a guy called the Walrus in years past, that nobody even bothers to look at those things any more?

I'm not suggesting anything. Just asking questions because I get curious about things. Thanks for any comments in advance.

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