Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Few Thoughts On Movies

I like going to the movies.  Too bad there don't seem to be any good ones out right now...

I was half thinking I'd go to a movie after work tonight, but after checking my local listings, I couldn't find any that really sounded like they'd be worth the trouble of rushing off to and/or staying out late for.  I remember as recently as Spring 2009, there were still some good movies around, ones worth seeing.  The J. J. Abrams Star Trek reboot is the most recent example.  Since then, however, I've only been to one movie because nothing else sounded good to me, and I really regret paying full ticket price for that one.  As I said in my review on That Guy With The Glasses, I really wish I hadn't paid the $8.25 I did for a ticket.

Or there was Iron Man2, also from last year.  While it was a pretty good movie, all in all, if you saw the first one, there wasn't much new in the second.  While it was worth seeing, I didn't write about it for that very reason.

But other than that, there really hasn't been much in the way of what sounds like decent movies coming out of late.  Maybe now that the writers' strike from a year or two ago has been resolved, we'll start to see some better movies coming our way again.

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