Saturday, December 11, 2010

Damned Snow Days!

I was hoping for a snow day.  Sometimes I really hate getting what I want...

A while back, I wrote a short piece on how I look at my own spirituality.  In that article, posted to my Fiction Press account, I said that one of the things behind why I do some of the things I do in that area are attempts to summon up foul weather.  Even if such things aren't exactly possible, I like the idea of it, and sometimes it even looks like it actually works.

Unfortunately, today is one of those days.  There's a sever winter storm with blizzard-like conditions going on where I live right now.  Sure, it could be said that this is exactly what I wanted, because the city's really been slowed down my this mess.  But then again, it's a bad thing, too, because I'm stuck in my apartment until tomorrow at the earliest.  Snow drifts behind my car and at the bottom of my sloping driveway have me blocked in.  Most of my friends and neighbors are in the same situation.

The wind does not help.  Even without gusts, it's absolutely bitter.  I would guess that the wind is blowing at a sustained 30 mph right now.  Since the snow is so light, that's getting whipped around like mad and tends to drift back into any place that I might shovel anyway.

Since I couldn't go to m day job, I'm going to try to make the best of this situation and do something else with the time that could relieve the annoyance of losing a day's worth of income.  I'm really hoping this is it, as I'm sure many of my regular readers have noticed that I've engaged the AdSense feature on this blog a couple days earlier than I'd originally said I would.  It's simply because I'd at least like this day to at least have the possibility of earning me some income, however limited it might be.

There's a possibility I might post here again today or to my art blog later.  It all depends on how much time I spend fighting the snow, cold, and wind outside.

Stay warm, everybody!

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