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Text Play: Breath of Fire (SNES): Issue 3: East Of Winlan

Once again, I've got a brief production note before I get into the actual flesh of this thing. For those of you reading on County Line Gaming, you've probably noticed my discussion with the good Mr. Amiss about including screenshots within each issue of this text play. I've looked into that, and given my current situation, that's going to have to be a no-go, at least for the time being. I'm hoping to find a way to change that in the near future, but that's a topic for another post or thread, as the case may be.

Anyway, the game. When we left off last time, King Birdman had been healed from the Wizard's poison and granted the hero access to the tunnel and bridge that opened up the way east. And Princess Nina joined you as her own special way of saying thanks for saving her dad. At least you've god a good healer now. The immediate destination this time is the twin villages of Tantar and Tuntar. I'd call this the game's Twin Cities area, but it's nowhere nearly as big. More like Fargo-Moorhead, really, if only because a river runs between the villages in the game, just like the Red River of the North does between Fargo and Moorhead.

So, you get to Tantar, and you see that the river's dry. Turns out the Dark Dragons are blocking the river so that the chief of the Forest Clan will give them a magic ring that's supposed to grant it's wearer super strength or something. Naturally, the dude won't give, even though Tuntar, the village across the river, is doing just as badly as Tantar as a result.

To make matters worse, Tantar's chief, who looks a lot like Col. Sanders of KFC fame, has been replaced by an enemy general who looks almost the same. The real chief of Tuntar has been taken into the Forest of Despair, where the Dark Dragons have a base. What really sucks about this place is that the whole forest, and the base, too, for that matter, is full of undead monsters, and it's a real bitch to get rid of that “un” for them, for the most part.

This is where that I-Ore item comes into play. If you were smart and lucky enough to have picked that up on the way to the Tower of Karma, you'll be saved the backtracking to get it now, because it's a required item for the blacksmith in Tantar to make an item called the Saw. You need the Saw to take out a tree blocking the road into the Forest of Despair. There's some OK stuff to be had in this area, and quite frankly, you'll need it if you expect to live in there. I guess it just goes to prove that rule about equiping new weapons and armor right away once you find them.

Inside the base, there are a few pitfall traps, in which you'll find chests, which is the norm for this game. Most of them here contain healing items, but there's one that has a longsword and another that has the wolf hat helmet. Upon navigating the pitfalls and taking out a few sets of guards, you'll confront the fake Tuntar chief, who tries to kill you by forcing you into a battle with a two-headed dragon. Beat it and you'll get rescued by Bo, a member of the Forest Clan.

Something I probably should have mentioned earlier is that there are a lot of anthropomorphic characters in this game. Most of the main team is, at least to some degree. Nina's got wings and can turn into a bird later on in the game. Bo is a bipedal wolf who uses a bow and arrows as his primary weapon and can navigate forests easily. And there are three more warriors that are full on beast people, but I'll get to them when they join the party.

Bo helps you take out the fake chief, who turns out to be a Dark Dragon general, who runs off after you beat him in battle. The real chief of Tuntar, who Bo rescued, shows up and advises the party to go back to Tantar. Sadly, you've gotta walk back out through the base and the zombie-infested forest before hiking back to town.

Once you're there, the villagers start telling you that things are better now that the real chief is back in Tuntar, and that the key to making the river come back is getting a giant stone robot to work. Of course, to get information on how to do that, the party has to go to a place called Agua. Making this more difficult is that in order to actually get in there, you'll need a special item from Romero.

Remember how I said that Romero was called that for a reason, and was all full of zombies? There's this guy named George that a few of you might have heard of that might have been interested in what goes on there coming up. But that's for Issue Four: Zombies Like Chitlins?

See you all then, folks!

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