Thursday, July 12, 2012

TEXT PLAY SIDE GAME: Final Fantasy (NES 1990/PS 2003 [Origins]): Issue #6: Dwarves At Mt. Duregar

There's only one thing to talk about here, but it's an important thing.

What we've got here is essentially the opening of the world to the party. Once we've got the Nitro Powder, originally TNT, from Corneria, it's off to a place called Mt. Duregar.

I may have said it's just one thing that happens here, but I should clarify. It's one big thing and a lot of little ones, in the form of clues about things to look for. First, the big thing.

When we get to the Dwarf Cave, we are told to find two people by name: Smythe the Smith and Grandpa Nelic. Smythe is, as we have been told, the Dwarves' blacksmith. He's looking for Adamantite. That's something we're going to need to remember for later in the game. And when I say later, I mean that in the same way I meant it about the lute: a lot later, as in getting close to the end of the game.

Savvy players will note that Adamantite is kind of an important thing in these early Final Fantasy games, kind of like Mythril. Both are minerals that keep coming up as sacred or enchanted and therefore perfect for making weapons and armor. In this case, we'll have to wait a while to get there, but it'll be worth the wait.

Next up is taking the Nitro Powder to Nelic. He'll use it to essentially nuke a narrow strip of land to open up a strait between the Alidi Sea and the Greater Sea. This allows us to finally get on with the game at large.

Before we leave Mt. Duregar, though, there's a Dwarf to be found there who says he's looking for something called the Levistone. This will be important again in a long while, too. And it'll play into finding another major icon of this series: the Airship. But the Levistone and the Airship are things I'll be getting into when they become relevant, as I will with the Adamantite.

Once we go through the new strait, it's off to the town of Melmond, where we start getting into the business of the Orbs the heroes are carrying. See, the Earth is deteriorating, and it seems to be starting in the general area of Melmond. The villagers all seem to think it's the work of a vampire, because said undead monster had come to town and destroyed the Clinic and the Items Shop.

This is where I'm going to end this issue, because it's a good place for it. Since I know I'll need more items to make it through this quest, I'll be stopping back in Elfheim for that before moving on to the actual quest to come. That shouldn't be too terribly long, as I still need a break from Legend of Mana.

Until then, stay safe, have fun, keep on gaming, and DFTBA!

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