Monday, March 7, 2011

A Few Thoughts On Charlie Sheen

We've heard so much about him lately, after all.

Now, as I'm sure most of you know by now, actor Charlie Sheen, famous for Two And A Half Men and other things, is now also famous for publicly appearing to go out of his melon. Drugs, strippers, Fantasy Island, the whole nine yards.

Sure, he's done well for himself. Well enough that he deserves to act this kind of goofy if that's what he wants. I've never seen his TV show, which is apparently the number one thing on right now, so I can't really comment on that. I do remember the Hot Shots movies, though, and those were pretty good, if not dated by a good twenty years by now.

Thing is, though, this kind of lost-his-gourd silliness is the kind of thing that might give Sheen's younger fans the wrong idea about what's made him as good as he is. I mean seriously, tiger blood? And just what the hell is Adonis DNA, anyhow? I think the drugs, “models” and hot, hot tropical sunshine have affected the guy's mind a tiny bit.

Like I said above, Sheen's a good actor, like the rest of his family, in spite of at least one of their movies being on MST3K. The talent and hard work have served him well for at least, if you'll pardon the pun, Two And A Half Decades. And now that he's had his public goofiness, it may well be time for the guy to step out of the public eye and enjoy being the eccentric retired actor he wants to be.

Let's face it, there are other role models like our pal Charlie for people to look up to who haven't yet reached and passed the point of going off the deep end, deservedly or not. I'd like to think I might be one of them to some extent. Maybe I'm being a bit full of myself, but maybe not.

Granted, I've got my addictions and eccentricities, too. I tend to use sugar by the ton and caffeine by the gallon. There are periods where I even go through booze by the liter. The effects have been less than positive, to the point that I'm now a morbidly obese man who, in spite of, or perhaps because of, the fact that I've lost weight recently, has had trouble sleeping the last couple months.

Will I go bonkers myself one day? Well, maybe, if I live as long as my grandparents have, but that's still another forty or fifty years out and assuming I don't wind up giving myself a heart attack or diabetes before then.

But anyway, there's my take on this business of Charlie Sheen. Here's to doing it without tiger blood or Adonis DNA.

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