Saturday, March 26, 2011

Memories of Spring: Dragon Warrior Games

What springtime and a video game series have to do with one another, I'm not exactly sure.

Somehow, though, for me, the two are linked. It might be because I beat the first one in the spring. Or maybe it came out in the spring. It's been so long ago now, I don't remember any more.

At any rate, and no matter reason, spring makes me think of Dragon Warrior games and how much fun I had playing them. This year, I should probably take advantage of that tenancy to remember and do a Looking Back on the series. This is hardly an official announcement, of course, but more like a consideration that I'm speaking of.

One thing worthy of mention about this year's Dragon Warrior memories is the fact that a YouTuber by the name of HCBailey is doing a Let's Play of the third game in the series. I've got a playlist of it going here. Dragon Warrior III is a prequel to the first game. It looks like it was a pretty interesting game, and I feel bad about never having gotten around to playing it myself. It actually tells about how some of the things in the first game got there.

There's more to tell, of course, but I'll save it for the potential Looking Back.

In the meantime, folks, here's to more Memories of Spring! Let's keep it Sunny... er, sunny! Happy spring, everybody!

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