Monday, March 21, 2011

Text Play: Breath of Fire (SNES): Issue #15: Oh Bugger!

It's on now!

Either I remember more about this part of the game or it's not as hard as I remember. Whichever it is, I get the feeling that I may have missed a few boxes on the way to drop the OldEgg into the Undersea Volcano.

The worse news is that there wasn't a lot of actual play time to talk about in this part of the game. The maze in the volcano wasn't particularly difficult or long, really, and guarded mostly by Dogfish and AmeblobXes, with the ocassional Tentacle monsters thrown in. No, really, that's what they're called. Tentacles. And there are some that say all those tentacle monster jokes about anime and Japanese RPGs are unfounded. Go figure, right?

But anyway, once the egg is dropped into the volcano, the first of two comparatively long cutscenes starts. The party goes back to Wisdon and speaks to Bleu again, who waffles a bit but joins the party quickly once they say that the world's in danger. From there, the scene shifts to Prima, where the Guild Owner tells you that it's time to fight. A few security teams go after some Dark Dragons that show up while a guard that turns into a big fish tries to help the party escape.

When the giant fish takes the party to the surface of the ocean, there's a half-dozen ships in the area, and they can't escape. Convenient that the Typhoon Bug that hatched from that egg would show up just then, huh? The bug takes out half the ships and leaves, while the other three ships scatter. The fish security guy takes you back under and lets you walk around a bit.

About the only thing to be done here is to head north of Prima, where the action was about to start a moment ago. One of the other security guys holding off the Dark Dragon soldiers (Navy, Marines, what would they be, anyway?) tells you to take out the leader, a General who turns into an all-too-easy Pincher crab who can be done away with in no time if you have the hero turn into the Thunder Dragon and use Bo and Bleu's Fry spells.

Once the general's taken out, the fish folk manage to lure him just far away from Prima to keep him from doing damage to the town when he explodes.

The thing about Bleu is that she's the party's black wizard. She's got a decent spell list when she joins the party, including Warp and Exit, which takes the party out of dungeons. Bleu also levels up quickly and seems to gain a new spell at every level, at least initially. The most cool thing about this spell list is that a few of these are multi-targeting spells that effect whole parties of enemies. There are two quake spells to start with, and two or three levels up, Bleu also learns L.Storm, a lightning spell that probably got used on me when I was in that tunnel between Auria and Bleak.

But the cutscene continues. Dark Dragon Emperor Zog and Jade, the dude who the hero's sister Sara was fighting at the start of the game, are having a conversation about how the Light Dragons seem to be doing a halfway decent job of holding them off and must be stopped. Once that conversation is taken care of, Jade goes to work on something and has his own minions take care of the hero and his friends for the time being. These minions, too, are given names to keep in mind: Goda, Corte, Mote, and Cerl..

After that plays out, the scene shifts back to Prima again, where the Guild Owner thanks you for saving the town and tells you you can win because you're all frikkin' that. From there, it's time to go on your way. Of course, once you step out of Prima, Gobi has a “now he thinks of it” moment where he remembers to get his business license back from the Guild Owner, who also gives hims something called the Sphere, which lets Gobi turn into a big fish himself and swim the party to areas that hadn't been accessible before.

Unfortunately, the game isn't exactly clear about where you need to go from here, so I'll have to pull out the handy-dandy strategy guide I downloaded and look up what I need to do next. It'll probably be more grinding in a fetch quest of some sort. Guess I'll just have to make the next part a Hitchhiker's Guide entry.

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