Friday, March 18, 2011

Getting By

Why just settle for that?

Towards the end of February, my brother and I got together to talk about life in general. One of the things we discussed was how I maybe don't need a computer or the Internet to get by. Technically, he's right. I don't need these things to get by in life because at this point, I get all my money from my job at Wendy's. It's enough to get by on, which is good enough, I suppose.

The thing is, though, that if I'd just wanted to get by in life, I wouldn't have made the choices that I've made. I would have kept the job I had my senior year of high school instead of going off to college and graduating not once but twice over the next decade, for example. I probably could have gotten by just as easily as a janitor at the local shopping mall as I do flipping burgers now.

Nor would I be writing somewhat serious stuff for this blog, on which I have Google's AdSense. Sure, I still do the occasional fan fiction every now and then, but that can just go up on FanFiction.Net and rot. Or I could keep it in my underwear drawer where nobody would ever see it. But why bother, in that case?

Thing if it is, though, people have been complementing me on the skill with which I write for... hell, long as such things might have mattered, as I recall. And the real pisser is that “people” includes my brother, who was recently telling me that I don't technically need the tools and services to maybe actually make a halfway decent life for myself with the one thing I've got that might actually count as a talent.

So, really, why would I be so stupid as to essentially let something that I could actually call a decent skill go to waste and pass up what could wind up being a very good life just because I can get by in a life without the things I'd need to do better for myself?

I may not be the most well-spoken person around, when it comes to actually speaking. I've known that pretty much my whole life. What hurts is to see that my own brother, a member of my own family kind of thinks that I'm too rock stupid to do better for myself than just getting by because I'm not exactly Mr. Charisma in public.

I deserve better in life than just getting by, and in order to make that happen, I need to have the tools and equipment to work with. I think I can do this, and I'd like the opportunity to prove it.

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