Friday, March 18, 2011


Up until now, I've been doing pretty good loosing weight.

Unfortunately, after all the birthdays the last month or so, I think I've started going the wrong way again.  I don't know what exactly the deal is, but I need to get things right in my head again so I can get back to loosing again.

This is important to me not because I really give that much of a damn about my looks.  My health really is the big thing for me because I come from a family where physical health is crap even for comparatively healthy folks.  The extra weight is not doing me any good.

What I really need help with is finding ways to keep my fingers out of the cookie jar.  For awhile, the text play I've got going was a big help.  But that's not working quite so well any more.  I mentioned doing fan fiction in a previous post.  I should get on with that regardless, but the problem is that I've got this bad habit that I've had for years where I mindlessly eat while I write.  Learning to not do that would be a real benefit for me, I think.

Also, I need more exercise.  Granted, the warmer weather is going to be something of a help with that.  Getting out and doing things more will do me some good.

But anyway, I'm worried that I'm starting to lose ground when it comes to getting myself in shape.  I just need to find ways to keep myself motivated.

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