Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Model motion data? Is that what it means?

 What with all the seriousness going on in my life right now, I could use something fun, entertaining. And recently, I've found something that might fit the bill.

I get a few Google alerts in one of my email boxes, and a few weeks ago, I got one for videos of things called MMDs. From what I can tell, these are amateur and fan created animations of 3D computer models. They're actually pretty good, from what I've seen thus far.

I've got a YouTube playlist of my favorites thus far here. Most of them involve the Digimon Tamers character Renamon, but there is one that doesn't, far as I can tell.

While the list I mentioned above is pretty much a favorites list and therefore all worth looking into, in my opinion, there are a few that do stand out.

First on that list is the one set to an Asian pop song called Bo Peep Bo Peep. I think the lyrics explain it all, considering what they sound like. Something I might actually enjoy doing to her, really.

Also right up there is the IMVU entry. This one proves why I've got the content warning on my blog. Something I'll be saying about a lot of these is that it can speak for itself. Yeah. I'm proving what people say about furries, aren't I?

At some point, I think someone came out with a higher-definition, better animated model for the character. My two favorite solo videos are here and here. Quite fun to watch, and I like the background image in the second one, too.

By far in a way my favorite one of all is one called Neon Klona and Renamon. This one has three characters, from different games and anime in it, and there's some great use of a facial expression/lip-synch program as well. There are some obvious flaws, but I still like it. Again, kind of speaks for itself.

And for now, that pretty much wraps up the list. There may be updates or a sequel post at some point, but I won't make any promises, because things take an unfortunate turn more often than I like when I do.

So now, it's back to more standard fare for this blog, I guess.

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