Thursday, March 10, 2011

Text Play: Breath of Fire (SNES): Issue #12: Grinding Away

After entirely too long again, I may as well get back to this.

And yes, I did have to check the strategy guide I downloaded to make this happen. Turns out I can't actually continue with the damned game until I complete a side quest in Krypt. Which is good, because I needed an excuse to level grind anyway. So here goes.

How this works is that there's this old Col. Sanders dude, possibly related to a few village chiefs in this game, that lives east of Gant. He says he'll help you, but he wants proof that you're the actual hero. This proof comes in the form of the boomerang that was encased in stone in Krypt. It's a relatively simple matter to go in and get it because everybody's up a few levels by now, and there's no need to have the weaker fighters in the party. Good thing it seems that everybody gets XP equally, regardless of if they actually fight battles.

Now, according to the strategy guide I'm using to help with this playthrough, I wasn't actually supposed to go through that fortress until after I'd gotten the boomerang from Krypt. Oops. Oh, well, I think we'll be OK. It'll certainly make this next part a bit easier. I hope, at least.

But anyway, take the boomerang, which is busted as a result of being encased in stone and then broken out by Ox, must be fixed. Take it to the chief on Gant, who'll fix it for you overnight. In the morning, you've got full MP and HP as well as a new weapon for the hero that hits all enemies in a party.. Take it to the old man east of Gant and he'll tell you the way to get into the fortress that the Dark Dragons had blockaded before. It's a simple matter of horking a chocobo egg from the forrest between the base and the fortress. This'll piss the chocobos off real good and make 'em attack whoever their little birdie brains think jacked the egg.

But since I'm at a good place to stop for a moment, actually getting on with that will be a matter for next time. Hopefully, it won't take me another three weeks to do it. The bad news is that it's spring, which means that it's no longer quite so cold outside and I'll be spending more time in the great outdoors. The good news is that with spring comes lots of water from melting snow, which results in floods, which can be worse than snow.

With that in mind, see you soon, everybody! And hopefully, that'll be a longer issue!

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